19 November 2018

Hello everyone,


We are very sorry for the lack of updates since our last update. 2018 has so far been very hectic for ourselves at the same time very exciting.


Firstly, in December last year (2017) we were invited by the Gloucester Life Museum to put on an exhibition for the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company Limited. The exhibition started in January and ended in April 2018 and we were very lucky to reach over 4,000 visitors during this exhibition.


Secondly, we attended the annual Tewkesbury Miniature Steam Rally ran by the Model Steam Road Vehicle Society for the third time this year and again we were welcomed with open arms, this was our third year in attendance and have been welcomed back every year so far since 2016. This years event was special this year as we launched our new appeal and released information about the Museum's latest acquisition, An LMS Goods Van built in 1930 by the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company Limited. Since this event the Museum have been all hands on deck to find a suitable home/storage facility for this wagon to be stored in/at and to allow restoration work to take place. Once the Van has been restored it would be a great asset to the Museum and will allow the museum to use the wagon as a form of 'home' for the museum collection and much more.


All of the funds that have been raised through the various museum appeals in the past have been brought forward and will form the initial funds to start the restoration of the LMS Van and so far the museum have a total of £136 raised to kick start the restoration but further funds will be needed. The approx. restoration costs for the LMS Wagon will be somewhere in the region of £6,000 and therefore the museum have an LMS Van Appeal to help raise funds for its restoration. If you would like to help the museum with there appeal, please contact us on:

Thank you all again for your continued support and following. We look forward to updating you again once the LMS Van has been moved to a new temporary/permanent home and restoration begins.


31 January 2017

Yesterday 30 January 2017 marked the 157th Anniversary of the formation of the original company and here is a little information on the formation and history:
On 30th January 1860 with an initial Capital of £100,000 in 10,000 shares of £10.00 each, the Gloucester Wagon Company was formed. 
During the meeting at which the Gloucester Wagon Company was formed, the following local businessmen attended: 
Richard Potter of Fife and Company.
Edmund Walton of Walton and Sons.
W.C. Lucy of W.C. Lucy and Company. 
William Nicks of Nicks and Baxter (later Nick & Co. (Timber) Ltd.)
Later in 1889 the Gloucester Wagon Company became the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company.  The first General Manager of the Gloucester Wagon Company was a gentleman called Issac Slater.
The Company built many items for local Coal Merchants and other Companies including Parkend Colliery, Morelands' Match Factory. As well as these Gloucester RC&W produced various other items such as vans for Bon Marche, Bus Bodies for Companies such as Red and White. 
They also built Church Lecterns which is one of the rather more interesting items. 
Also during many of the wars that's happened between 1860 until 1986 they built many items such as stretchers, ambulances, gun carriers, Churchill Tanks, and many other interesting items such as the first London Electric Taxi. 
The Company took over/acquired many other local companies throughout its history including William Eassie who constructed wooden buildings and many other items one set of buildings which was built were the huts used during the Crimean War. 
All of this information and more shall be on display in the museum once we have progressed further and once we have been successful in the purchase of a building and/or land. Please do watch this space and if you would like to see the Gloucester Railway Carriage and a Wagon Museum project progress why not consider being a member of donating to this cause and help us reach our goal of locating, promoting  and preserving the history and heritage of the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company for the benefit and education of the public.
If you would like to see this museum dedicated to the entire history of this company become a reality, please help us spread the word and help us raise donations as without donations there will sadly be no museum for Gloucester's largest employer for over 100 years (1860-1960) and Gloucester's industrial heritage. 

5th January 2017 - New Year, New Start

Hello Everyone, 
We hope you had a fantastic New Year Celebration, wherever you are in the world. 
We are hoping to have a fantastic year regarding the museum, last year we made £223.00 in donations and memberships, do you think we can better this? This morning we received our first international membership all the way from Australia, WOW! That is a very big achievement for us. 
We are hoping to better ourselves this year, last year was a little bit of a hit and miss and we are hoping to do better with publicity, fundraising, memberships and we are also aiming to better ourselves behind the scenes, last year we had a little bit of trouble with a few minor setbacks but we are back and better than ever. 
We are still yet to purchase our first item of rolling stock for the collection, we are currently still researching and sourcing various items of Gloucester origin but we are getting there, we have had some interest from various organisations and heritage railway preservation groups expressing an interest in our project and they have all wished us good luck and would like to be kept up to date with our progress. 
Membership Matters - as of today (5.1.17) our total membership count is 4 fully paid members. This year we are hoping as a museum to gain more members and to get ourselves known and out there as they say and to make others aware of ourselves. We haven't set a membership target as yet but that will hopefully be arranged in the next month or so. 
Fundraising Matters - as a museum we heavily rely on donations from members of the public as well as funding from funding providers. Last year we made £223.00 in donations and memberships. This year we are looking to continue fundraising as we need to raise funds for our first purchase of an item of rolling stock such as a Gloucester built Carriage or Gloucester built Wagon, we have still yet to come to a decision about what to purchase as they both have their unique benefits, we shall hopefully have a decision soon and we shall hopefully be able to tell you what we have in mind and how much it would cost to purchase, transport and if needs be a rough guide price of restoration costs. All donations and funds provided by members of the public as usual will go directly into the museum's account and this will all be put towards the museum's progress, upkeep and purchases. 
Premises Matters - Sadly, we still yet to find a permanent location for the museum and its collections and archives. As some of you are aware, we approached Gloucester City Council for help regarding a location in the Centre of Gloucester, sadly due to circumstances we were unable to be located here and save the site we wished to save. 
We are still looking for premises preferably in Gloucester City Centre or very close by, if we are unsuccessful, we shall look slightly further afield. We are hoping we find somewhere soon. 
Collections and Archives - As many of you may have seen over the period of last year we have gained a rather unique collection of items and artefacts relating to Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company and its employees. 
We have been successful in having found various former employees and family members of former employees who have kindly donated various items to us over the past year. 
We are now also starting to work with Gloucestershire Archives who have an extensive collection of Gloucester RCW records and archives. We have already been in one day and photographed 7 of the 116 photographic albums they have, but, as normal there are extra photographs which are not in any albums. We have also been lucky enough to find other locations where Gloucester RCW records are and many of these items are not located in the Gloucestershire Archives, so, we as a museum are looking to bring the entire collection of Gloucester RCW records, items and artefacts all in to one place. 
During our meeting with Gloucestershire Archives Archivists they did mentioned that we would be able to make the Gloucester RCW Collection more accessible than they can physically do. 
Events News - This Year is a new start for us and events, last year we attended a number of model orientated display and exhibitions, this didn't go down as planned as many people saw us as a model museum rather than what we actually are which is full size items, although, we do have a very small collection of models which are O Gauge and we are also willing to help modellers with drawings and photographs etc., we do ask members to remember that we are more about the preservation side of things and that we are hoping to promote and preserve the history of the company which does include full size and full scale items as well as a very small collection of large scale model items. 
As mentioned above a new year a new start, this year we are hoping to attend some heritage/preserved railways as well as some local events again which we attended last year, Gloucester Goes Retro and Gloucester Day are both back on the list for 2017, announcements regarding other events will follow as and when information and confirmation becomes available. 
We do ask our followers and supporters to please help us progress this year and over the coming year and help us gain more interest and memberships and donations, without the donations and funding there would be no Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Museum. 
We the Founding Members would like to thank all of our followers, supporters and those who have donated over the past year  and please help us continue in our efforts to locate, promote and preserve the history of such an historic company not only locally but internationally. 
Thank you all again so very much and we look forward to keeping you up to date and possibly seeing some of you at an event soon.

Happy New Year from GRCW Museum

Hello Everyone, 
As we were formed in March 2016 we have came a long way with the ongoing and continued support from our followers, supporters and communities for supporting our project. 
We would just like to thank you all for your continued support you have all given us and provided us so far, if it wasn't from all the support and follows you have all given us over the past 9/10 months since our formation we wouldn't have progressed and got as far as we have to date.
So thank you all so very much.
Let's hope 2017 can bring us more continued support and followers, please don't forget to help us spread the word about ourselves and our project. We are currently working on a few things behind the scenes and we are hoping to be able to bring you all some very exciting announcements in the new year, so watch this space for many new announcements and our progress throughout 2017.
I would like to also take this opportunity to Thank all of our Founders for their continued help and contribution towards the project and sticking with it for the past few months, we have had many ups and downs but we are slowly pulling through and we are finally getting there after this long struggle. 
Aaron, Leo & Paul
Museum Founders
Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Museum

25 December 2016

The Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Museum would like to wish all of our followers and supporters a very Merry Christmas, hope you all enjoy your day and hope you all keep safe.


We shall be back in 2017 with more events, more news and updates and keep watch as we may have a number of special updates for all of our followers and supporters.


Kindest regards,


Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Museum


17 November 2016

Sorry for the lack of updates on our web page, we have been having some technical difficaulty recently, hopefully this is now all fixed and we are back up and running.




You can now download the Museum's Membership Form directly from our website, just visit the Membership section and download the document direct from there. 


We are also hoping that by the end of November we should have our very first sample  Tea/Coffee Mug, This will be used as a sample to show you what the first section/collection of mugs will look like and if you like them, we shall be taking orders. 


If you are already interested in the idea of owning a Museum Tea/Coffee Mug please do get in touch as we would love to hear from you and we can then make these available sooner rather than later. Further details on the mugs shall follow shortly.


25 October 2016

Here is the small but very well received presence of the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Museum at the Cotswold Model Railway Exhibition, Eastcombe, on  22 and 23 October 2016. 
The event went very well with a variety of different model railway layouts and many other models. The museum was very well received and received rather a lot of interest. 

15 October 2016

Following our recent quiz night fundraising event we had a good turnout of people for our first fundraising event. 


We had a cake stand, information stand and the quiz stand. A certificate of life membership was presented to the Winget Bowls Club. Some very interesting questions were asked and 3 prizes were given out to the 3 teams. 
We would like to thank all those who attended and came to the event. All those who couldn't attend on this occasion there will be another fundraising event hopefully, in the very near future. 

19 September 2016

We are sad to announce that we were unsuccessful in purchasing the Gloucester built Class 100 DMU Trailing car which the museum had hoped to purchase as the vehicle was to far gone to be able to restore and would have cost in the region of £100,000.00 to fully restore. 


Many who have donated to this appeal have said to us we could keep their donations as the museum are now looking at purchasing something a little more practical and easier to maintain. The vehicle in question now is a 25xx Salt Van built by Gloucester RCW in the 1940's, this vehicle would help the museum by not only being its first item of rolling stock but also providing a storage facility. 
If you have donated and would like us to keep your donation for the Salt Van Appeal please send us an email or message to inform us you would like us to keep you donation or that you would like your donation back. 
If you haven't donated yet and would like to send the museum an email or message and we would be more than happy to provide you with relevant details or alternatively click on the donate button on the homepage of this website to donate, alternatively, if you would like to send a cheque with your donation please quote ref 'Salt Van Appeal' on the reverse and send it to the address on the Address page. 
The museum are looking to raise at least £1,000 for the purchase of the Salt Van and we anticipate the transport costs to be in the region of £1,000 to transport the vehicle from its current location to its new location somewhere in Gloucestershire (exact location to be confirmed later once purchased).
Thank you all again for your continued support and following. 

07 September 2016

We are sad to inform everyone that the museum had the opportunity to purchase a Gloucester RCW built DMU Car, but sadly as the museum does not currently have the relevant funding we had to turn this down which means the DMU Car in question will be sadly going for scrap next week. 


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