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The museum currently has a large collection of small artefacts such as a large scale Gloucester Patent Bogie, books, Long Service Medal, model diorama's and Gloucester wagon plates. We are currently looking to purchase a Gloucester built wagon, which shall be the first of the museum's standard gauge rolling stock collection from the UK.


Book - This book was produced by the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company Limited to commemorate the Festival of Britain 1951.

Book - This book entitled "Private Owner Wagons from The Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company Ltd" complied by Keith Montague has a very large collection of photographs of wagons built by the company for other companies all over the United Kingdom. This book also has a very small collection of wagon drawings in the back. 

Book - This book entitled "A History of the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company Limited" was produced by the company in 1960 to mark 100 years of the Company. This book was donated to the museum. 

Medal - This long service medal was donated to the museum. On the obverse of this long service medal it says" Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Co. Ltd established 1860 Jubilee 1910", and on the reverse it says "presented to Charles Meadows after 50 years continuous services".

Large Scale Bogie - This large scale replica Gloucester Patent Bogie was donated to the museum in 2016. This Bogie came to us complete with a wooden plinth and rails with two plates on the plinth one saying 'Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company Limited' and the other saying 'Modelled By Technigraphic Projects-Bristol'.  The Bogie has a serial number stamped in the frame and is fully working with working brakes, working suspension and working axle box covers.

Photographic Album - This book is a photographic album, it has seen better days as the spine of this book has sadly come away from the book. This photographic album has never been used as all the thick card pages inside have no markings on them, the pages have gold leaf on the edges of each page. This item was donated to the museum.

Wagon Plate - This wagon plate dated 1957 was purchased by founding member Paul Matthews specifically for the museum, as you can see it has the wagon number 'DB984702' and under that you have '20T', the T stands for Tons, underneath that you have 'Glo'ster C&W. Co.' This stands for Gloucester Carriage and Wagon Company and the year of manufacture for the wagon was 1957 and underneath this is the lot number which on this wagon and plate was '3052'. This wagon would have been built for use by Whelk Departmental.

Wagon Plate - This wagon plate was fitted to all Gloucester built wagons, this plate was fitted to wagons to inform everyone who the builder is/was for that particular wagon. This wagon states "Gloucester Railway Carriage & Wagon Co Ltd Builders Gloucester" as you can the writing is surrounded by a large 'G' this is how Gloucester built wagons can be distinguished from other wagons.

Wagon Plate - This wagon plate is a repairs plate and was fitted to those wagons that needed repairs and the railway company was advised to contact Wagon Repairs Limited, in the case of the wagon which this plate was attached to, the railway company was advised to 'For Repairs Advise Wagon Repairs Limited Gloucester'.

Photographic Collection - The museum has a very large collection of photographs from the former works, including a large collection of private owner wagons, official company photographs of rolling stock and other road and rail vehicles, employees photographs, photographs inside the works and many other photographs. This is a very large collection we have at least 10,000+ images of company built rolling stock and private owner wagons which we are currently archiving not only for us but for the Gloucestershire archives who have cooperated with Alan and the museum. We owe a big thank you to Gloucestershire Archives, Gloucester Life Museum and many other sources for their cooperation and working with us and allowing us to have copies of photographs and other records for the Museum.


Map of Works - This is a copy of a map dated 1948 which covers the complete 5 acre site on Bristol Road, this map shows you in detail all the buildings, traversers, the dates when the buildings were extended even down to the locations of all the engines then the map was first drawn up. (Original held at the Gloucester Life Museum).

Clearing House Map - This Clearing House map of 1928 shows a basic overview of Gloucester and Cheltenham railway lines including Gloucester Docks.

Clearing House Map - This Clearing House map of 1915 shows a basic overview of Gloucester and Cheltenham railway lines including Gloucester Docks.


Watch Chain - This lovely St. Johns Ambulance watch chain was purchased in 2018 by the Museum founders using museum funds. This lovely example was issued to Mr. William Carter an employee of the 'Wagon Works' and dates between 1908 and 1916, each of the links has an individual date and each item is stamped with Mr. Carters unique number. Further information on this item and Mr William Carter can be obtained by emailing the museum on:

Brighton & Rottingdean Seashore Electric Railway Framed Poster - This poster was purchased by Museum founders Aaron and Leo during 2018 and has been exhibited at the Tewkesbury Miniature Steam Rally ran and organised by the Model Steam Road Vehicle Society. In the centre of this poster is a lovely print of what is known as the 'Daddy Long Legs',  lovely tall electric tram type car situated above ground on four stilts, this car was designed by Magnus Volks and built by the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company Limited during the Victorian Period. According to historical documents, you had to be a qualified Sea Captain to operate and drive this vehicle and know tidal levels, there was only ever one built and it was scrapped in the Edwardian Period due to troubles and difficulties due to the car being damaged and keep getting pushed over by the water and water levels.

Photograph - This lovely photograph is of Manning Wardle of Leeds, Works No. 1501 of 1900 0-4-0ST 'Henry Wright' supplied new to the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company Limited in 1900 and scrapped c.1937 at A.R. Adams & Sons, Newport, Monmouthshire. Henry Wright can be seen here with a rake of 7 plank wagons all with 'THE BROCKELBANK AUTOMATIC COUPLING TRAIN' markings on each wagon, this was a test train that had Brockelbank Automatic Couplings fitted to the wagons by the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company Limited and this train was tested on site at the 'Wagon Works' on Bristol Road, Gloucester. 

Scrap Book - This scrap book was made by an unknown person and contains a selection of documents, drawings, photographs, letters and much more relating to Nigeria, Rhodesia and Native Railways, it includes 'Gibbons Patents' for Spring Frame Bogie, Frameless Steel Bogie, Mild Steel Axlebox and much more, all of the items in this scrap book dates between 1921 and 1925.

Medal - This is a lovely WWI medal issued to employees of the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company for their Labours during the Great War. The reverse of this lovely silver medal reads "THE GLOUCESTER WAGON WORKS APPRECIATE YOUR LABOURS DURING TE GREAT WAR". This is a lovely medal as well as artefact thanking those employees who stayed at home and helped by supplying the front line with limbers, stretchers, ambulances and more... 

Wagon Plate - Here we have a lovely Gloucester Builders 'G' Plate in an unrestored condition. Similar the the restored one in the Museum's Collection, we felt that it would be a good idea to keep one in an unrestored condition to show the differences and the work involved in restoring an unrestored plate and to show the contrast, although some are a lot worse than this one such as the damaged 'G' Plate that is currently on the Museum's first item of railway rolling stock. 

Signals - This collection of Semaphore Signals have been gifted to the museum on loan by founding member Aaron Matthews who was given these along with 2 disc signals many years ago by a family friend who's father owned them until his death and Aaron has owned this little collection since then and never been able to find a suitable use for them until now. Sadly, these are not of Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company Limited origin but the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company did build Signals, Signal Boxes and Signalling Equipment and therefore, Aaron thought it would be a nice idea to have these in the collection as a reminder of something the original Company had a connection with. These signals are all from the Gloucester area.


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