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Young, Old or Young at Heart: Your Skills could be just what we are looking for!

Could you spare some time to help us?

The Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Museum was founded and set up in March 2016 as a portable mobile Museum as we still continue to do to this day but as we develop and get closer to our aim of establishing a more permanent Museum in Gloucester dedicated to the County's longest serving Carriage and Wagon Builder and Repairer. Since our formation we have continued to welcome more visitors to our Museum display stand and the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Experience at many of the events and open days we attend.


The Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Museum is a unique railway museum and is probably the first of its type in the UK if not the world. Our activities range from restoration and repair of historic rolling stock and other items relating to the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company Limited, its associated companies and industries with an aim to also operate such vehicles and items as part of a historic display on a purpose built running/demonstration line at some point in the future; Educating children and young people through Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts (and Design) and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M); displaying collections in a portable mobile museum until suitable premises can be found; all supported by development and special events, and more..  to name but a few opportunities that await you. 


Although in some areas we do need experienced volunteers with specialised and specialist skills, do not be put off by thinking that you are not qualified to do a particular role, as we also provide full training for whichever job you choose to do. We realise that everyone has a different amount of uncommitted time - the amount of time you spend with us depends on you. Activities when and every appropriate will be listed on our website, Facebook page and in our newsletters so that you can keep up to date and able to join in when you are free and able to do so, we also plan to have a number of working parties to help with various aspects again these will be advertised through our various sources as mentioned above.


So whether you are retired, young, or a working person with a few hours to spare, a warm welcome awaits you.

Before you start as a volunteer at the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Museum we will ensure that you take part in an induction session so that you know your way around and are able to work safely in a railway museum and railway engineering environment.


Schools and Education

We engage fully with local schools, offering curriculum-based education visits outside public opening days so children can deepen their understanding

of Gloucestershire’s significant contribution to the aviation industry.


- S.T.E.A.M and Learning - Once we are set up at a permanent location we will be looking for assistants in the S.T.E.A.M and Learning Centre - the Museums interactive educational resource for children and adults alike. Applicants will need to be CRB/DBS checked.

- Guides & Group Escorts - Gloucester Railway Carriage and wagon Museum will welcome and plans to offer and provide educational visits throughout the year both on site (once one has been located suitable for our purposes) and off-site at a number of former locations once owned and operated by the original Company, mainly during the week and some evenings.  Guides are trained to take groups around the Museum and educate visitors in the history of the original Company. We will also aim to provide escorts for a number of special visits. 


- Museum - The Museum houses a collection of Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company artefacts and memorabilia. Stewards staff the Museum on open days.


Young Volunteers

Our younger members can join our Museum youth group and assist, under supervision, in the work of the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Museum. Why not have a look at the Young Volunteers page?


Group Visits

We aim to offer visits outside our public opening days to private groups, organisations and clubs as well as provide educational visits to schools, groups, societies and care homes on their own premises which is to provide lessons in relation to S.T.E.A.M as well as to help the older generations reminisce on one of the former industrial businesses which may have been an old employer to some or those who may have attended a special event or occasion at the former works or one of the sites which they used to own when they were in operation.



We are making great strides with the Museum project, since our formation in March 2016 we have gained some 90 artefacts and relics including individual items and some collections and with the recent acquisition of our first item of rolling stock we are hoping that we can kick-start our restorations with the restoration of this vehicle. The restoration, preservation and conservation of our exhibits and hope in the future to extend the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon experience by offering ‘behind the scenes’ tours and access of our current and future engineering facilities.



It is the Museums aim to once set up at a more permanent location to gain, acquire and house a number of industrial steam and diesel locomotives, similar to those that may have been used by the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company Limited between 1860 and the 1960's, sadly non of the original locomotives owned or used by the works survive but we are hoping to start a new chapter and gain our own unique collection of locomotives for our use and display. Although non of the original works shunter's have survived into preservation a number of industrial locomotives that visited and/or worked in the County have been preserved in and around the UK and it is also hoped that once we have set up fully we could potentially have these locomotives on loan and have them visit what was their home during a bygone era. Each engine that the Museum acquires, manufactures, replicates, restores and/or rebuilds will at some point have to go under restoration or repair and this will be undertaken by a specific group of volunteers. Whether you are skilled, unskilled or simply interested in engineering, a machinist, a fitter, a welder or can lend a willing hand to clean/assemble/paint/make tea, you can make a difference. We can provide appropriate training.


Carriage and Wagon

Now that we the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Museum have gained and acquired there first item of railway rolling stock it is now time to start restoring and maintaining our fleet of rolling stock (Carriages and Wagons) in good working order, including our unique heritage and historic fleet. Opportunities for woodworkers, joiners, electricians, plumbers, sheet metal workers/panellists, mechanical engineers (for brake and bogie overhauls), painters, general practical handymen, cleaners.


Our Current Projects are: 

M 187085 - London, Midland and Scottish Railway Ventilated Goods Van built 1930



Last, but not least, we are planning to hold and run a number of regular events at various areas areas in and around Gloucester and once set up at a permanent location at the Museum either to celebrate memorable past occasions or to stimulate railway and engineering interest in future generations.


We currently attend a number of events in Gloucestershire during June through to September at the moment at such events as Tewkesbury Miniature Steam Rally, Gloucester Goes Retro and Gloucester Day. We are always looking to attend other events in and around Gloucestershire as well as further a field for which we will need volunteers to man, run and operate our Museum display stands. 

If you are an event organiser or know of any events in which the Museum can attend we would like to hear from you, please email us:


Administration and Planning

Of course, we are also working hard behind the scenes with the administration and planning required to sustain museum operations and develop the museum to achieve our aims and objective as detailed in our governing document; in short, ‘preserve the past and inspire the future!’.


Governance and Management

The Governance and Management team are also working on plans to extend the current accommodation, enabling us to offer more display space and improve facilities for education and training.


If all of that were not enough, we are also working towards achieving ‘Accreditation’ with the Arts Council to be recognised as a fully-fledged independent museum as well as this we are also working towards our Charity Commission Applicaition to become a charitable organisation.





To achieve all the above, and to maintain the exemplary service provided to the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Museum visitors we need more volunteers to join the team.  We need volunteers across all the skill areas that are required in any successful organisation; we need those willing to help with the administration and management of volunteers, general maintenance and development, those who can show visitors around the Museum, those with specific engineering skills and those with managerial and governance experience.


Right now we need:

  • Communications and Marketing:  we need volunteers to help with getting our message across to the general public.
  • Restoration: we need volunteers to help with restoring our first item of rolling stock: M187085 back to its former glory, volunteers do not need to have any specialist skills or knowledge as they   will be taught the necessary skills and knowledge needed to restore and maintain such historic items.
  • Governance and Management: become part of the team that provide and organise all of our framework from policies and procedures to accreditation documents and much more, if you like typing and computers this is the idea role for you. Without any of this we would not be able to operate in a safe and efficient manner.

What is in it for you?

You’ll be contributing towards the provision of an educational resource and a source of enjoyment and inspiration for the public.

You’ll be part of a great team of like-minded people helping the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Museum to preserve the history of Gloucestershire’s contribution to the railways from the early days, through to the present day. 

You will have access to a ‘Volunteers’ Transport Library’, and lastly, and most importantly, you will be provided with free tea and coffee whenever you are on duty!

So, become a Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Museum volunteer to have fun and enjoy the Museum to its fullest extent!

If you would like to learn more or just wish to talk to someone about volunteering please get in touch by contacting ourselves via the contact us facility or e-mail address.

Please note that you will need to become a member of the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Museum to volunteer.